Forum Title: Threshold/Sill for Wide Door Jamb
We recently ordered a double French outswing entry door. This is going to replace a window that was originally on that wall. When it arrived, they had incorrectly entered the jamb width as 4 9/16 instead of 6 9/16. So we were asked to send it back. They just sent us the replacement door unit, with the only difference being that it now has 2 jamb extensions attached. However, the sill/threshold unit is the same width that it was on the original, narrower unit. Which means that the sill stops just before the jamb extensions on the inside of the door and we will have a gap between the sill and the existing flooring. Because it is an outswing door, there is a bumper-type wooden piece attached along the entire length on top of the bronze sill on the inside of the door, so a plain aluminum sill extension cannot be used. Were we also supposed to get a wider sill when we got the unit replaced with the wider jamb? Or does that part typically remain the same width, no matter how wide the jamb? Thanks in advance for any help.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: BRANDON GOMEZ (Paramount, CA), 01/15/2019

i should have stated that chiping out the concrete will make this hole much bigger top to bottom. I can post a picture or 2 so that it is clearer if that helps. UPDATE so after doing some searching this Cement Sill problem i would seem there are mixed opinions. THe wood was set right into the concrete which as since rotted away. IM wondering if i can try and square off the sill with a grinder or small chisel rather than take the whole thing out and re-pour a new one. FOr the most part......i would think this serves a purpose and shouldnt be taken out. Thoughts

- KATHERINE ROGERS (Ann Arbor, MI), 02/21/2019

Thanks for the reply. Enduro Door Company is the manufacturer, although it was ordered via Jeld-Wen. They must be affiliated somehow. We called and I don't think that the person on the phone really knew what we were asking. The response was that we could order some type of vinyl extension, which doesn't sound right to me, since the sill is bronze aluminum and the attached threshold is wood. So it sounds like the best option might be to try to extend the floor up to the existing sill. It is hardwood strip, so there would be a seam there. I guess I assumed that a wider sill unit would come attached when you order a custom size door with wider jambs. I really don't understand why they wanted the whole unit sent back if all they were going to do was add on some jamb extensions. That could have been done locally. So that's why I thought that they were going to modify the sill as well as the jambs.

- JAMES SMITH (League City, TX), 03/02/2019

They should have provided a sill extension with the extended jamb or a 6 1/2 sill. They should be able to provide you with a pice that slips over the existing sil and adds the 3 inches. Have whoever you ordered the door from call Jeld Wen and get it, or go to the Jeld Wen web site and get the customer service number from them. Half the time they don't know what you want.

- ANA SANDOVAL (Murfreesboro, TN), 02/19/2019

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