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First off great forum ! I have a quick question . My mother needs new windows in her 80's mobile home. My question is what type of window, meaning new construction or replacement works best . The old windows are the aluminum type that screw in from the outside. They are pretty shot and real drafty in the winter. Thanks !
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: MONICA LYNCH (Fall River, MA), 01/22/2019

Who is the manufacturer?? Typically, you may have to fabricate the inside threshold extension, or just bring the floor up to the threshold. Jambs are often supplied with extensions.

- CRAIG MORALES (Waterbury, CT), 02/24/2019

Quote: Originally Posted by Gunguy45 You may not be able to find N/C windows in the sizes you need. If you can, they would probably be the better choice, as you can get extension jambs applied that will bring it flush to the interior wall. Replacement windows can be custom sized to the opening and some types can have nailing fins applied. You would need to do some trim work more than likely to finish off the interior. You need the actual hole size you will be putting them in and the thickness of the walls, then visit a few local distributers of diff types/brands to see whats available. With the replacement windows i would have to also trim out the outside of the window also right ? I just knew that the n/c window they screw in from the outside and i wouldn't have to trim out the outside just the inside.

- DAVE ACOSTA (Tucson, AZ), 02/26/2019

Well, Again, it depends on the window brand. The repl windows that can have a nailing fin applied would look just like new construction w/o the jamb on the inside. The fin fits into a groove on the sides, top and bottom. (There would be an overlap of the fins at each corner, where a N/C would have a continuous fin all around.) That would need to be caulked at the groove where they attach. Even had a guy who used pvc cement on the back to make it permanent. Don't think I'd go that way. You still might want to trim out the exterior, and use a membrane type wrap around the opening under the fin. I still think the issue will be if you can find the right size in a N/C window. Unless the existing windows are standard sizes (not likely in a 30 y/o moble home) you would have to modify the opening. There are other guys on here, who are way more knowlegable about windows than I am. I sold some brands and did a few installs over 5 yrs. Even helped a guy do some work on his mobile home (front door and some windows), so I have an idea of what you may run into, but not an expert by any means.

- TONI YANG (Florissant, MO), 03/06/2019

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